iVMControl Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

iVMcontrol - video

This is a video presentation of iVMcontrol android app. iVMcontrol is a vshpere client that runs on android.

iVMcontrol - vsphere client for android

iVMcontrol is a vsphere client for android running devices. It allows vmware administrators to control their cloud while having also a life.

vSphere client for Android - vmwClient

vmwClient - vSphere client for Android demo video.

vmwPAD - VMware vSphere(TM) client for Android (edit vmx-10 demo)

Simple and quick editing of VMware vSphere 5.5(TM) Virtual Machine version 10 major hardware settings from vmwPAD version 2.1.21 More details here ...

VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

A short video showing the VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist.

vSphere Mobile Watchlist Demo

Overview of the vSphere Mobile Watchlist app. Check out the blog post here: http://virtadmin.com/vsphere-mobile-watchlist/

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